Health Equity Organizational Assessment (HEOA) Resources

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These resources supplement the HEOA and can help organizations committed to collecting, validating, stratifying and analyzing accurate patient demographic data identify and address health disparities.

HEOA Executive Summary: This resource, targeted to executive leaders in healthcare organizations, outlines the benefits of completing the HEOA from a C-Suite perspective.

Health Equity Roadmap: This roadmap is a step-by-step guide for implementing the key elements of health equity for organizations committed to a culture of equity.

Best Practices Strategies for Organization Health Equity: This resource outlines strategies and corresponding tasks and resources for each of the seven HEOA categories to assist organizations to address opportunities for improvement based on their HEOA assessment report.

HEOA Assessment FAQs: This resource has frequently asked questions and responses about the Health Equity Organizational Assessment (HEOA).

REaL Data Collection Toolbox: This Learning Toolbox focuses on healthcare facilities collecting data on race, ethnicity, and language preference (REaL) as an important component of the provision of equity in the healthcare setting. It includes a quick primer on data collection, and provides links to articles, tools, and resources to educate providers on the importance of knowing the diverse patient population for which they provide care.

Collecting REaL Data – Examples of How to Ask for REaL Data: This Resource Guide provides examples on how best to collect race, ethnicity, and language (REaL) data and ensure that it is being collected consistently and accurately.