LINKS Portfolio: Medication Management & Safety

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The IPRO QIN-QIO has prepared LINKS (Local Interactive Network of Knowledge Sharers) education materials and guidance to help spread awareness about health topics relevant to your community members and support population health.

Medication Management & Safety: Fact Sheet

Help spread awareness about medication management and safety.

Know the ABCDs of Your Medications: Handout

Patient handout, developed by the QIO Patient and Family Advisory Counsel, to support Medication Safety, especially during transitions of care.

Medication Management & Safety: Tips, Tools, and Resources to Help You Stay Healthy

This PowerPoint presentation is about medication management and safety and can be adapted to fit the needs of your specific audience or community.

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Focus Area(s): Adverse drug event resources, Antimicrobial resources, Anticoagulant resources, Antipsychotic resources, Care coordination, Diabetes medication resources, Medication reconciliation resources, Patient and family engagement, Readmissions