Naloxone Saves Lives: Information for patients, their families/care partners and pharmacists

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This patient education document is available in both English and Spanish. It describes what naloxone is, how it works, why it is offered to individuals with an opioid prescription, and signs of opioid overdose.

Naloxone Saves Lives: English

Naloxone Saves Lives: Spanish

Naloxone Conversation Starters for Pharmacists

Reminders for Pharmacists When Offering Naloxone
• Offer a consultation about naloxone for opioid prescriptions.
• Be sure to advise patients that naloxone can be used to reverse any opioid overdose.
• Tell patients about available statewide programs that offer naloxone for free or at a lower cost.
• Patients may not be comfortable speaking about naloxone due to stigma associated with opioid use.

A list of multiple state naloxone resources is included.

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