IPRO ECHO: When the Pain Won’t Stop: Whole Person Care Addressing Chronic Pain

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Chronic Pain is a complex issue that is never solely biological. In this series we explore chronic pain from the biopsychosocial perspective. The three domains of chronic pain are: biological (e.g., tissue damage, inflammation); psychosocial (e.g., thoughts and emotions affect pain, memories of pain; social/sociological (e.g., socioeconomic, gender, ethnicity, isolation).

Session 1: Types of Pain and the Effect on the Management of Chronic Pain (10/25/23)

Session 2: Assessing Chronic Pain + Framing Co-occurring Disorders using ASAM criteria (11/8/2023)

Session 2 Slides

Session 3: Intervention Procedures vs. Restorative Therapies & Breakthrough in Chronic Pain Treatment (11/29/2023)

Session 3 Slides

Session 4: Analgesics of the Future & Integrative Thinking about Patient Care (12/13/2023)

Session 4 Slides

Session 5: Tips & Tricks of Non-Opioid Analgesics + Integrating Pain Reprocessing Therapy – PRT+ (1/10/2024)

Session 5 Slides

Session 6: How Pain Meds May Help/Harm & Beyond the Assessment: The Roots of Emotional Pain (1/17/2024)

Session 6 Slides

Session 7: Managing Opioids in Chronic Pain Patients – Starting, Tapering, Converting, Stopping (1/24/2024)

Session 7 Slides

Session 8: Opioids and Chronic Pain – Is Buprenorphine the Preferred Agent? (1/31/2024)

Session 8 Slides

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Focus Area(s): Behavioral health resource, Care coordination, Opioid/pain management resources, Patient and family engagement, Prevention/management of chronic health conditions, Readmissions