Disparities Impact Statement

Resource Location: https://www.cms.gov/About-CMS/Agency-Information/OMH/Downloads/Disparities-Impact-Statement-508-rev102018.pdf

The Disparities Impact Statement, developed by the CMS Office of Minority Health, helps organizations to identify, prioritize, and take action on health disparities. The tool walks users through a four-step process to identify and address disparities:

Step 1: Identify vulnerable populations and their disparities
Step 2: Set SMART aims (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based)
Step 3: Develop an Action Plan
Step 4: Monitor, improve and disseminate

The Disparities Impact Statement includes fillable worksheets for each step that can be saved and edited. The CMS Office of Minority Health offers free assistance from their Health Equity Technical Assistance Team if needed.