People Matter, Words Matter

People matter and the words we use to describe them or the disorders they have matter. Words can transmit stigma. Studies have shown that people with psychiatric and/or substance use disorders often feel judged, outside and inside the health care system. This can lead them to avoid, delay or stop seeking treatment. The way we talk about people with a behavioral disorder can change lives – in either a positive or negative manner.

You will find downloadable posters that address:

  • Use of Supportive Language That Makes a Person Feel Safe
  • Destigmatizing Language About Suicide
  • Culturally/Racially Aware Language
  • Perceptions about Mental Health Conditions
  • Using People First Language
  • Use of Compassionate SUD Language

IPRO REDCap Hand Hygiene Project- Nail Care Reminder

This resource is intended to support hand hygiene competency adherence. The 1-page resource summarizes the evidence related to bacteria, resident rights and CDC recommendations to support healthcare staff keeping nails < ¼ inch long. The resource is excellent for staff education that can be shared before or after completing a hand hygiene competency assessment.

Advance Care Planning and End of Life Care: A Guide to Tools and Resources for Patients and Providers

Advance care planning (ACP) is a process that starts with having a conversation and choosing a healthcare proxy or agent, completing a personal directive, or living will, and then sharing those wishes with the appropriate healthcare providers. ACP conversations are most effective when started before a crisis and re-visited periodically, since personal care preferences may change as circumstances change over time. This guide provides a curated list of tools and resources to support patients and providers through the ACP process, and serious illness or end-of-life care conversations.

Vaccination Rule Checklist

Use this checklist, along with the Vaccination Rule Audit tool, to ensure your policies and procedures have the appropriate elements necessary for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Omnibus COVID-19 Health Care Staff Vaccination Final Rule

Vaccination Rule Audit Tool

Use this tool in conjunction with the Facility COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Procedures to interview staff who have not yet completed their vaccination series in order to document facility compliance with contingency planning.