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This HHS website features information, continuing education opportunities, resources, and more for health and health care professionals to learn about culturally and linguistically appropriate services, or CLAS.

Transfer Tracking Form and Guide

The Transfer Tracking Form was developed to provide facilities with a tool to track both their acute care and emergency department transfers over time. It maintains an active list of all transfers and any related aspects of each transfer in real time. (See instructions below on how to download the tracking form resources.)

Complete this form to receive a link to download a zipped folder of the Transfer Tracking Resources to include the Excel tracking form as well as a PDF instructional guide that explains the use of the tool:

For questions on the Transfer Tracking Form and Guide, please contact Dave Johnson ( or

Using Z Codes: SDOH Data Journey Map

This infographic describes the journey that social determinants of health (SDOH) data takes from the individual through the health system to data reporting as ICD-10-CM Z codes. It discusses data collection, documentation, coding and reporting. It contains resources to help implement programs to collect and report SDOH data in a manner that can lead to better health outcomes for individuals.

UTI Diagnosis and Prevention Quality Improvement Action Plan for Nursing Homes

The UTI Diagnosis and Prevention Action Plan template can assist Nursing Homes in assessing the management of urinary tract infections in the facility. The template includes examples of root cause analysis, SMART goals, PDSA cycles, resources and a staff pre and posttest knowledge assessment. The Action Plan is created in Word format to allow the user to modify the content to meet facility specific needs.