Talking With Your Doctor

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Communicating well with a doctor is an important part of getting good medical care. These National Institute on Aging (NIA) articles and worksheets can help patients prepare for a medical appointment, discuss sensitive topics, manage medications, choose a new doctor, and coordinate help from family caregivers.

Telehealth: What Is It, How to Prepare, Is It Covered?

Find information about telehealth services, including information on how to prepare for an online appointment and whether your online visit is covered by insurance.

Talking With Your Doctor Worksheets

Download, print, and copy NIA’s worksheets to help you organize your questions, medical history, and more when talking with your doctor.

How to Choose a Doctor You Can Talk To

Use these 5 steps to find a new doctor you can trust. These tips can help you find the best primary care physician for your needs and values.

17 Questions to Ask When Choosing a New Doctor

Looking for a new doctor? As you search, keep this list of questions handy. It covers clinical qualifications, practical issues, and office policies.

How to Prepare for a Doctor’s Appointment

Plan what you’d like to discuss with the doctor before your visit. Make a list of concerns and medications. Request an interpreter if you need one.

Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Doctor’s Visit

Get tips on how to make the most of your time at your doctor’s appointment. Decide what’s most important, be honest, and set priorities for best results.

What Do I Need to Tell the Doctor?

Learn how to describe your symptoms, medications, daily habits, and other concerns to your doctor so you get the best possible care.

What Should I Ask My Doctor During a Checkup?

Don’t wait for the doctor to raise a topic you’re worried about. Ask questions about tests, diagnoses, and prescriptions to proactively manage your health.

Discussing Health Decisions with Your Doctor

Work with your doctor to make important decisions about your health. Learn how to get a second opinion if you need one. Read questions to ask your surgeon.

How to Talk with Your Doctor About Sensitive Issues

How do I talk about embarrassing topics with my doctor? These tips can help you bring up memory loss, falls, driving, sexuality, incontinence, and more.